The Boss Mustangs:
Mrs. McKee b/w
Hazel Holly(Please Come Back)

Released: October 25, 2011

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Recorded live with no overdubs at the incredibly analog Goon Lagoon Recorders, this debut 45 by The Boss Mustangs is proof positive that Rock is NOT Dead! Sounding like a throwback soundtrack to a 1968 Motor City Dragway short film, there?s no mistaking the band's understanding of stripped down, raw, powergarage rocknroll. All five lads hail from various enclaves of West Michigan, and recorded these sides this past February. Both of these songs nail the sounds of the heavier post psychedelic era of Detroit so well, it could fool most program directors at any oldies station! An ageless 45 for the ages to be sure. fPLAY LOUD!

Side A:   Mrs Mckee
Side B:   Hazel Holly (Please Come Back)

File under: Rock and Roll/Garage Rock

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The Boss Mustangs:
The Boss Mustangs

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