Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers:
Joker's Wild b/w
The Throwaway Age

Released: September, 2011

7" Single $8

"Yup, a vinyl 45 and from the man behind the excellent 1989-founded Sundazed label and you can download it via iTunes. 'A' side is an excellent version of one of my favourite Ventures originals this time from their whirlwind "Batman" 1966 album and Bob & the boys do it proud recreating the original's menacing growl. The flip is a delightful gentle, exotica-feel track much reminiscent of tunes like "Moon Of Manakoora". Great guitars and everything else for that matter, we can only ask Bob, why did it take so long? Loved it. Four stars." - Gandy Dancer magazine

Both sides of this single were recorded with the nearly forgotten artistry of true 1960s mic'ing and placement, and mixed to authentic monophonic sound. Slide it onto your changer somewhere between your Arrows and Zakary Thaks singles you will not be disappointed... Fuzzboxes set to stun! (Sundazed)

Side A:   Joker's Wild
Side B:   The Throwaway Age

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