The Legendary Shack Shakers:

Released: July 1998

CD $15


  1. The Sheriff's Ranch For Boys
  2. Go Hog Wild
  3. Tickle Yore Innards
  4. She's Gonna Haywire
  5. Hunkerdown
  6. Back To Paducah
  7. The Kentucky Song
  8. I S'wanee!
  9. Pitchin' A Fit
  10. Rattletrap
  11. The CB Song
  12. Love Bug Crawl
  13. That's What I Know
  14. Right Behind You, Baby
Carrying on the tradition of southern rock-n-roll amidst the current Nashville mediocrity. Vocalist, Col. J.D. , is also one of the most exciting blues harpists today. Produced by Eddie Angel.

File under: Rockabilly, Swamp Blues

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