The Neanderthals:
Shutdown 2002 B.C.

Released: September 2002

CD $15


  1. Go Go Yamaha
  2. Draggin' Knuckles
  3. Ho Rod USA
  4. Street Cleaner
  5. Both Wheels Left the Ground
  6. Phantom Dragster
  7. Joy Ride
  8. Go Mustang
  9. Lil' XKE
  10. Spinout
  11. Go Little Camaro Go
  12. Mag Rims
  13. SS396
  14. Drag City
From America's favorite Stone Age Family, The Neanderthals pound out 14 hot rod hits in their primitive neolithic style. Featuring Los Straitjackets guitar slinger Eddie Angel.
Hot Rods + Cavemen + Rock-n-roll = FUN, FUN, FUN

File under: Garage
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