Ray Wallace:

Released: January 2006

CD $15


  1. Absolutely Betty Anderson
  2. Hitler's Gone Surfin' with your Mother
  3. The Swinging Party
  4. That Man
  5. The Sheila Song
  6. A Teenager's Letter to Batman Pt.1
  7. I'm Bob Dylan
  8. Cindy Donne tried to Steal My Gun
  9. Pam's Perfect Body
  10. When The Partridge Family Meets The Manson Family
  11. A Teenager's Letter to Batman Pt.2
  12. Leni Riefenstahl
  13. Tonight Will Be Fine
  14. Positively John Wayne
  15. I'm Goin' Surfin' With Mary Grace
  16. A Teenager's Letter to Batman Pt.3
  17. The Gypsy Wife
Ray Wallace is like a psychotic Leonard Cohen on Ritalin. Ray is a product of the musically rich Washington, DC area and seems to have inherited the same weird music gene that produced Link Wray. His interests run from Hitler's Third Reich to "Leave it to Beaver".
Ray is a longtime protege of Eddie Angel and Tex Rubinowitz, in fact Eddie gave Ray his first guitar lesson many moons ago.

File under: Primitive Singer/Songwriter

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