The Outta Sites:
Outta Sites, Outta Mind

Released: March 29, 2016

CD $15

LP $20


  1. Arula Mata Gali (E. Angel)
  2. Say It One More Time (C. Sprague)
  3. Believe Me (Randy Bachman)
  4. She Doesnít Care (C. Sprague)
  5. CíMon & Swim (Stewart, Coman)
  6. Hurry Up (C. Sprague)
  7. Good Good Lovin, (A. Schubert, J. Brown)
  8. I Dream Of Jeannie (Hugh Montenegro, Buddy Kaye)
  9. The Stranger (C. Sprague, J. Eoff)
  10. No Friend Of Mine (Turnbow, Parks)
  11. I Wonít Be A Fool (C. Sprague, J. Eoff)
  12. Gotta Get Some (Griffin, LaPalm, Harding, Walker)
  13. I Wish You Were Mine (C. Sprague)
  14. Your Eyes (C. Sprague)
  15. Outta Mind (C. Sprague)

Outta Sites, Outta Mind the third and latest release by America's number one beat band is now available.

If you have been following this amazing, high-energy band since the birth of their existence 3 years ago and have dug their prior two releases ("Shake All Night" and "Rock And Roll Dance Party") you will surely not be disappointed. On the contrary, each release just gets better and better! "Outta Sites Outta Mind" takes this band to a whole new level. Plenty of Rockin' Toe Tappers, Groovy Beats, and Heart-melting melodies that you just can't get out of your head. Memorable tunes such as "Say It One More Time", primal foot stompers like "Arula Mata Gali," to wild acrobatic solos on tracks such as "Believe Me" and "She Doesn't Care" demonstrate not only their high caliber musicianship but also reveal them to be craftsmen of the first order. The stellar vocal performances of "I Wish You Were Mine" and the soaring harmonies on the haunting "Your Eyes" will surely drive you "Outta Mind."

The Outta Sites kick off 2016 with touring Europe to promote the new release and will continue throughout the rest of the year worldwide.

File under: Early 60's Rock and Roll, Merseybeat, British Invasion, Garage Rock

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