Mike J. Laneside:
Beer Frame Judy b/w
No Bueno

Released: November 13, 2014

7" Single $5

Side A:   Beer Frame Judy
Side B:   No Bueno

Milwaukee's Mike J. "Laneside" is Mike Jakubowski, lead announcer for the PBA Tour on ESPN and Xtra Frame, online Bowling Channel. Mike J. With The Front 4 envisions a world where the weekly bowling league or the weekend tournament brings friends and family together once again. Mike J. encourages all to turn off the television, silence the mobile device, hit the lanes and empty a few frosty mugs after the last ball is rolled. "Beer Frame Judy" -- a bubbly Pete Curry-produced pour with the crisp bite of Sam Bolle's tasty bass contriubutions and Mike J. Laneside's smooth lyrics and vocal -- dedicated to the lovely ladies that keep the night rolling, pour us another round. Robert Douglas' hook succeeds when you can't catch a break on the lanes or in the office. Cell phone batt low? "No Bueno".

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