The Planet Rockers:
26 Classic Tracks

Released: April 1997

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  1. Trouble Up The Road
  2. Big Wheel
  3. Tennessee Woman
  4. Big Daddy
  5. One's All The Law Will Allow
  6. Spin My Wheels
  7. Gotta Rock
  8. Truck Driver's Rock
  9. Yes I Do
  10. Troubled Times
  11. Rampage
  12. Thunder Road Rock
  13. Come On
  14. Gravy Train
  15. Thunder
  16. Knock Out The Lights
  17. King Fool
  18. Lonesome Traveler
  19. Outta Gear
  20. Runnin' Man
  21. Billy Thunder
  22. There'll Be No More Crying The Blues
  23. Pink Dominoes
  24. Hot Seat
  25. Run Chicken Run
  26. Got The Bull By The Horns
The best tracks from their first release, 'Coming In Person', along with unreleased gems!

File under: Rockabilly, Roots

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