The Hi-Risers:
In The Spotlight

Released: November 2001

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  1. One Note Joe
  2. Blast Off
  3. Goin' Mad
  4. My Girl Valvoline
  5. That's Gotta Be My Baby
  6. Johnny, Jim & Jack
  7. Rockin' Spree
  8. Gruesome Twosome
  9. Smart As A Whip
  10. Designated Driver
  11. Sparkplug
  12. Fun Lovin' Gal
  13. Think Link
  14. Double Up
  15. Co-Education
  16. Bam Bam Baby
  17. The Night Bo Diddley Came To Town
The Hi-Risers have been rockin' the Rochester, NY music scene with their unpretentious rock-n-roll for more than 10 years. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rockabilly, surf and 60's frat rock, with a little country twang thrown in for good measure.
NRBQ and Nick Lowe come to mind. Their songs are 2 1/2 minutes of pure pop meant for fun and dancing.
Art monsters beware.

File under: Pop, Rock
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