The Hi-Risers:
Once We Get Started

Released: February 2006

CD $15


  1. Foundation Rock
  2. She‘ll Be My Ruin
  3. Once We Get Started
  4. ATM Inside
  5. Katy Did
  6. With The One I Love
  7. Hole In My Heart
  8. One Note Joe
  9. I‘ll Wait For You
  10. Slack Jawed & Trout Mouthed
  11. Here With You
  12. Boom Chicka Boom
  13. Where The Lonely Go
  14. Two Week Notice
The Hi-Risers celebrate their 10th anniversary with their new release Once We Get Started. Their sixth record, The Hi- Risers continue to present the traditional rock & roll they're known for. Songwriter Greg Townson wrote 14 songs for the record, writing with his favorite collaborators Todd Bradley, Nick Crews, John DeAngelis and Allyson Bice. The cd kicks off with Townson's Foundation Rock, a song rock & roll legend Hank Ballard covered himself, calling it "Pure rock & roll. Watch that song, man!" Coming on the heals of their collaboration with Kaiser George, Transatlantic Dynamite, Once We Get Started offers up everything listeners have come to expect from The Hi-Risers, plus some.

File under: Pop, Rock-n-Roll

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