The Neptunes:
Davy Jones' House Band

Released: November 2008

Digital Download


  1. Dame Anushka
  2. Mermaid In Heaven
  3. Surf Coaster
  4. T-Minus
  5. Bikini Blanca
  6. Bethany Rides Again
  7. Mid Town Swell
  8. Attack Of The Aqua Marines
  9. Wake Up Miles
  10. Full Color Mojo
  11. Breaking Surface
How would you describe Neptunes sound? The Neptunes are considered a surf band by many, but it's a surf band that's light on the reverb, and delivers a meaner more revved sound that's closer good ol' instrumental rock and roll. Over the years the Neptunes made a name for themselves by playing double necked guitars, evenGuitar Player Magazine and Fretboard Journal devoted a little ink to the bands double-double set-up. As of recently a second guitar, a saxophone and a full-time bassist have been enlisted, and a new version of the band has taken form. While the Neptunes don't rule out double-necks in the near future, for now they will only use one set of hands at a time.
This album represents a nine year stretch between disks, and a lot of things have changed. Basically, It's a band of guys who like bad-assed tones played through the equipment of the early 60's. That pretty much describes the Neptunes sound. See what you think! We hope you enjoy, Davey Jones House Band.

File under: Rock, Instrumental

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