Eddie Angel:
Eddie Angel's Guitar Party
with bonus tracks by
The Panasonics

Released: May 2005
CD $15


  1. Thunder
  2. Caveman
  3. Beyond Zone X
  4. Itchy Chicken
  5. Werewolf
  6. Topless Beach
  7. Kawanga!
  8. Mumbling Beatnik
  9. Police Raid on Toe Rag
  10. Brawl
  11. Casbah
  12. Jurassic Beat
  13. Introducing The Inscrutable Panasonics
  14. Kaiser Pan
  15. The Panasonics meet The Wolfman
  16. Pancake
  17. Mr Pan Ventures Out
  18. Panther
  19. Panpede
  20. Pan's Rock
Recorded in the mid-90's at London's legendary Toe Rag Studio. First released on No Hit (vinyl) and Musik (cd) and now with bonus tracks from the very rare 10" EP "Introducing the Inscrutable Panasonics". Guitar Party features sax by Boz Boorer (Morrisey, The Polecats) and guitar by Takashi (Mr. Pan) Manabe (The Neatbeats).
"Eddie's guitar playing on Guitar Party sounds like Link Wray surfing on the Chesapeake Bay" - Evan Johns

File under: Garage, Instrumental

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