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Cat. # Artist Title Format Price Availability
SpinCD001 Various ArtistsRock Don't Run Vol. 1Compact Disc$15
SpinCD002 Various ArtistsRock Don't Run Vol. 2Compact Disc$15
SpinCD003 Planet Rockers26 Classic TracksCompact Disc$15
SpinCD004 Planet RockersA Night At The Twist & ShoutCompact Disc$15
SpinCD005 Various ArtistsRock Don't Run Vol. 3Compact Disc$15
SpinCD006 Various ArtistsToday's Top Girl Groups, Vol.1Compact Disc$15
SpinCD007 Paul KennerleyMisery With A BeatCompact Disc$10
SpinCD008 Legendary Shack ShackersHunkerdown Compact Disc$15
SpinCD009 Sonny GeorgeTruckin' CountryCompact Disc$15
SpinCD010 The KaisersTwist With The Kaisers Compact Disc$15
SpinCD011 The NeptunesPeople of Earth, We Are The Neptunes Compact Disc$15
SpinCD012 The SpursGo, Boy, Go! Compact Disc$15
SpinCD013 Johnny & The Panty RaidersOn Campus Compact Disc$15
SpinCD014 The Hi-RisersIn The SpotlightCompact Disc$15
SpinCD015 The NeanderthalsShutdown 2000 B.C. Compact Disc$15
SpinCD016 Barbara BurnetteMy Tattoo Compact Disc$15
SpinCD017 Various ArtistsJapanese Groupsound Compact Disc$15
SpinCD018 The Hi-RisersLost WeekendCompact Disc$15
SpinCD019 Eddie AngelYoung At HeartCompact Disc$15
SpinCD020 Eddie AngelMeets The BeatlesCompact Disc$15
SpinCD021 The Hi-RisersThat Rock & Roll BeatCompact Disc$15
SpinCD022 The NeanderthalsIn SpaceCompact Disc$15
SpinCD023 Eddie AngelEddie Angel's Guitar Party
(w/ bonus tracks by The Panasonics)
Compact Disc$15
SpinCD024 Ray WallaceIntroducing... Compact Disc$15
SpinCD025 Kaiser George &
The Hi-Risers
Transatlantic DynamiteCompact Disc$15
SpinCD026 The StumbleweedsEvil On Your MindCompact Disc$15
SpinCD027 Eddie AngelPlays Link WrayCompact Disc$15
SpinCD028 The Mezcal BrothersGo Go Rhythm Compact Disc$15
SpinCD029 The NeanderthalsThe Latest Menace to the Human Race Compact Disc$15
SpinCD030 Peter Berry &
The Shake Set
For Goodness ShakeCompact Disc$15
SpinCD031 Ronnie CostleyDancin' To Johnny Compact Disc$15
SpinCD032 Davie Allan & The ArrowsFuzz For The Holidays 2Compact Disc$15
SpinCD033 The Hi-RisersOnce We Get StartedCompact Disc$15
SpinCD034 Chris SpragueDiesel Made For Two Compact Disc$15
SpinCD035 Davie Allan & The ArrowsMoving Right Along Compact Disc$15
SpinCD036 The 99ersStand Up And Surf Compact Disc$15
SpinCD037 Sandy NelsonNelsonized Compact Disc$15
SpinCD038 The NeptunesDavy Jones' House Band Digital DownloadDownload Only
SpinCD039 The Modern Don JuansThe Modern Don JuansCompact Disc$15
SpinCD040 The 99ersAnd Then There Was SurfCompact Disc$15
SpinCD041 The MuerTonesMuerTones Compact Disc$10
SpinCD042 The 99ersEverybody's Rocking Compact Disc$15
SpinCD043 The FuzzritesBaby Cakes Compact Disc$15
SpinCD044 Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague
and his 18 Wheelers
Miles AwayCompact Disc$15
SpinCD045 The Boss MustangsThe Boss MustangsCompact Disc$15
SpinCD046 The MalamondosDiabolik SonikCompact Disc$15
SpinCD047 The 99ersMove It! Compact Disc$15
SpinCD048 The B-SidesThe B-SidesCompact Disc$15
SpinCD049 The Outta Sites Shake All Night! Compact Disc$15
SpinCD050 The 99ersSpark Compact Disc$15
SpinCD051 The Outta SitesRock & Dance Party Compact Disc$15
SpinCD052 The Outta SitesOutta Sites, Outta MindCompact Disc$15
SpinCD053 Diff & DudleyHere's Diff & Dudley featuring The Big SirsCompact Disc$15
SpinCD054 The 99ersPop Punk GirlCompact Disc$15
Cat. # Artist Title Format Price Availability
Spin45-001 The NeanderthalsWerewolf From Outerspace b/w
Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo
7" Single$5
Spin45-002 The KaisersHipshake Shimmy Kitten b/w
She's Gonna Twotime
7" Single$5
Spin45-003 The Planet RockersGotta Travel On b/w Batteroo7" Single$5
Spin45-004 The NeanderthalsArula-Mata-Gali b/w Girl With A Hot Rod7" Single$5
SpinEP-005 The NeanderthalsMeet The Kaisers On Tour7" EP$5
Spin45-006 Big Joe Louis
& His Blues Kings
R-n-R Baby b/w 3-6-97" Single$5
Spin45-007 The KaisersLicorice Twitch b/w That's My Girl 7" Single$5
Spin45-008 The PanasonicsIntroducing the Inscrutable... b/w Panther7" Single$5
Spin45-009 Eddie AngelCasbah b/w Beyond Zone X7" Single$5
SpinEP-010 The NeanderthalsMeet The Werewolf 7" EP$5
Spin45-011 Ruthie & The WranglersRockabilly Song #10 b/w Harper Valley PTA 7" Single$5
Spin45-012 Los StraitjacketsPacifica b/w Kawanga! 7" Single$5
Spin45-013 Los StraitjacketsMarshmallow World b/w Sleigh Ride 7" Single$5
Spin45-014 Big Joe Louis
& His Blues Kings
Wine Head b/w One More Time7" Single$5
Spin45-015 Big Sandy &
Los Straitjackets
La Plage b/w Que Mala 7" Single$5
Spin45-016 Deke Dickerson &
Los Straitjackets
Town Without Pity b/w bad Reputation 7" Single$5
Spin45-017 The Dixiecrats The Devil's Prayerbook
b/w The Cock o' The Walk
7" Single$5
Spin45-018 Ian & The AztecsDon't Ha Ha!b/w Clap It Up 7" Single$5
Spin45-019 Los Straitjackets
Southern Culture On The Skids
Los Straitjackets
Smells Like Teen Spirit b/w
Southern Culture On The Skids
Come As You Are/Lucifer Sam
7" Split Single$10
Spin45-020 The Boss MustangsMrs. McKee b/w
Hazel Holly(Please Come Back)
7" Ltd Single$5
Spin45-021 The Legendary Shack Shackers
The Malamondos
The Legendary Shack Shakers - Nightride
The Malamondos - Hellcat High School
7" Split Single$5
Spin45-022 The Modern Don JuansI'm your lover b/w Does it matter 7" Single$5
Spin45-023 Bob Irwin & The Pluto WalkersJoker's Wild
b/w The Throwaway Age
7" Single$5
Spin45-024 The NeanderthalsTeen Dance Time!
Groovy Dances b/w
How Can I Make Her Mine
7" Single$9
Spin45-025 Los StraitjacketsThat 70s Single
Surf #49 b/w
Rainy Night In Georgia
7" Single$7
Spin45-026 The Martian Denny OrchestraCrossfire b/w The 2000 Pound Bee-Part 2 7" Single$6
Spin45-027 Bob Irwin & The Pluto WalkersCoffin Dragger b/w Arabesque 7" Single$7
Spin45-028 Freddy Cannon & Los StraitjacketsThe Sox Are Rockin' b/w Red Sox Nation 7" Single$10
Spin45-029 Mike J. LanesideBeer Frame Judy b/w No Bueno 7" Single$5
Spin45-030 Los Straitjackets
Never Cop Out b/w
Los Straitjackets
Scram! It's The Fuzz
7" Split Single$10
EA45-1 Eddie AngelLynxtail b/w Rampage 7" Single$25
SpinLP-2813 Los StraitjacketsYuletide Beat Ltd Ed. 10" LP$20
SpinLP-001 The Outta SitesShake All Night! 12" LP$20
SpinLP-002 The Outta SitesRock & Roll Dance Party 12" LP$20
SpinLP-003 The Outta SitesOutta Sites, Outta Mind 12" LP$20
Exotica 2005 T-Shirt Men's T-shirt XL Only$15
Poster from
Chicago's Exotica 2005
Luau By The Lake
Artwork by Dr. Alderete
17" x 25" Poster$10

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